In the summer of 2002 I was contacted by Doug Knapp of Knapp Environmental Construction of Mishawaka, IN to evaluate the re-sawing of posts and beams that were salvaged from the demolition of a Studebaker building by his company.  I was relieved to hear that these materials were destined for recycling, excited to think I might have a part of the process. Knapp had gone to a huge expense to have buildings #53/58 taken down piece by piece as opposed to blasting or wrecking ball. Most of the wood was brokered to East Coast mills to be re-sawn, primarily for flooring. Knapp retained a small percentage with the thought of producing his own flooring for local sales.So why go to the expense of sawing these "antique heart pine" beams? Pine is generally of lower value than hardwood anyway. By day's end we had a small stack of strikingly beautiful lumber. I ran a few pieces through the planer to get a better idea what the finished product would look like.
1-1000 square feet: $8.00 square foot
1001 + square feet: $7.50 square foot
Buyer take all (about 4,800 square feet) $7.00 square foot